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Double glazed unit replacement


The door surgeon can easily replace your steamy doudle glazed units into, upvc,timber and aluminum windows.

Why are my double units misted ?


When double glazed unit have condensation between the two panes of glass this is because the double glazed unit has broken down/failed.

If you look at the your double glazed unit, you will see a silver metal or grey plastic spacer bar inbetween the two peices of glass.The spacer bar contains desiccant material, this matrial is like the small bags that you get in a new pair of trainers or funiture.This material draws out any moisture that is between the double glazed units.

Double glazed units installed correctly have a life span of up to 2 decades and all units replaced by the door surgeon come with a manufactures garantee of 10 years.

What makes double glazed units fail ?


Double glazed units fail due to a combination of atmosphere conditions and sunlight.When sunlight shines directly onto the double glazed unit it warms the air in the unit,which expands the glass and pressure on the seal then unit cools and the pressure decreses.Over time this action pulls the air out of the double glass unit so condensation can then form.The desiccant in the spacer bar will stop the condensation building up but over time the desiccant become saturated and no longer functions.  

 Why should I call the door surgeon to  replace my units ?

Firstly the units look dirty, and will never improve, they will only get worse over time. Misty units also stop light from geting into your rooms.

Secondly misty double glazed units that have broken down are no longer energy efficent, so will leak heat out of your home costing you money.

We can easily replace you steamy double glazing call now for a free quote.Contact